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ProSupport Consulting is a private company based in Romania providing consultancy services to private and public bodies in various domains as:

  • Programs, strategies and policies evaluation and monitoring;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Programs and projects management;
  • Regional and local development.

This is an independent experts data base which is aimed to persons with technical expertise in:

Proposal writing and drafting;
Projects management;
Projects monitoring and evaluation;
Public procurement;
Project audit;
Monitoring and evaluation of funding programs impact;
Studies, public strategies and policies development and analysis;
Feasibility studies and SWOT analysis;
Technical assistance;
Formal, non-formal and informal education.

For Experts recruiting procedure, presshere.

For sign up in the database, presshere.

The targeted experts categories: program and project managers, technical and financial experts, legal advisers, auditors, researchers and professors (high-schools, undergraduate, graduate), promoting experts, HR experts, persons with expertise in horizontal themes (equal opportunities, innovation and ITC, durable development).